Fall From Grace

So this past week the unthinkable happened…I ate starch!  Now this may not seem like a big deal but let me explain.  My eating program is very strict…not restrictive…but strict.  There are certain rules that you follow for optimum weight loss, and while you are in the “boot camp” phase you don’t eat any sugar and you don’t eat starch.  To further my sins I ate starch combined with protein, which from a digestion perspective is a huge no.

Here is my story…

I have a couple weeks off and the my kids LOVE going to the ROM…they may get their looks from daddy, but I have cultivated little nerd hearts in both of them.  We decided to do the ROM on one day, stay over and then hit up The Ontario Science Centre the next day.  All was going well until it came time for lunch…the choices at the ROM were not program friendly…so we didn’t eat anything.  This was a big mistake, I should have been prepared for this too happen, but honestly, we have always been able to find something.  By the time dinner came around I was starving, and so was hubby.  We ate a program friendly meal at the Pickle Barrel and then went back to the hotel.

After our family swim everyone was hungry again…we ordered some room service and that is when it happened.  My plain wings had a dusting of flour…it maybe would have been a tablespoon, possibly two.  I was so hungry though that the thought of not eating it only crossed my mind for about 20 seconds.  This was on top of the yogurt and nuts that I had brought with me.

It brought to mind one of the eight pillars of my eating program…being prepared…I had blithely gone along assuming that I could get what I needed, you know what happens when you assume…you go off program.

There is a silver lining to this story, I am much more aware of making sure I have what I need to eat healthy and on time.  It also helped me to realize the progress I have made in my emotional struggles with food.  This would have been enough to derail me completely only a year or even 10 months ago. This time I acknowledged that  it had happened and carried on the next day. Remember that everyday is a chance to do it perfectly, a clean slate to follow the right path.  Don’t let your past dictate poor choices in the future, you are in control!




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