Half-way There

I hit another milestone recently…I have reached the half-way point in my journey to get healthy, I have lost 55 lbs.  This is a bit of a bitter-sweet moment really.  On one side I am so proud of myself for staying the course and making the big changes in my life.  I have developed self-control and have really started to battle my emotional eating.

On the other hand, I am a little ashamed that this was my reality for so long.  For those that are not gifted in the math department…this still means that I have 55 lbs more to go, and frankly I am not sure that goal will be my end point.

When I started this program I knew I had a huge amount of weight to get rid of and I knew that my eating was really an addiction.  I was binge eating, and hiding it.  I used food to stuff my feelings and I was seeing my health really take a nose dive.  I had reached a point where my eating and health was out of control and I really wasn’t sure if I could picture a reality where that wasn’t the case.

I set the goal so that my weight would be a nice round number that appealed to my anal retentive tendencies, but I don’t really know if that will be my healthy weight…my true goal.

I have been asked when I will stop, and my answer is usually, when I like what I look like or when I finally weigh less than my husband or even getting into a particular size…but the truth is that I don’t really know.  I see myself being in the boot camp phase for weight loss until at least January of 2018.  I will assess where I am going at that point.

One of the great things about my journey is that I have an amazing support system and I am learning more about myself with each goal that I hit.  The other thing is that, had I told myself I would be at this point when I started my journey I would have laughed…so for those that are where I was in January…keep on keeping on.  I am rooting for you!




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