Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

When I started my journey to health I picked a program that is unique in many ways.  One way that it is different is that your goal is not determined by weight or a specific clothing size, but by the mirror test.  “What is that?”, you might ask.  Simply you move on to a maintenance program when you look in the mirror and like what you see.

When you are NAKED!

I honestly never thought that would happen so I picked some small and bigger goals in terms of weight or inches and I am very happy with my progress, but something strange happened this morning.

It was the butt crack of dawn…my normal get-up time…and I was just about to hop into the shower when I fleetingly glanced in the mirror.  I stopped and went back for a second look.  I wasn’t happy with what I saw for a stopping point, but it was dang good for a middle point…I saw the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. If I can see this at 5:45 in the AM, under the glare of my bathroom lights, then you know I speak truth.


In the day and age where approximately 74% of women hate something about their body and young girls say that they would rather have cancer than be considered fat…this is a HUGE accomplishment.  It is my own little counter-cultural movement.  I won’t be perfect and my stretch marks are in full bloom…fading, but still visible…but perfection is not my goal.  Living healthy, participating in life fully and making my spiritual life richer is my goal…and I will achieve it.




One thought on “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

  1. I too go by the mirror test along with how my clothes FIT. Don’t care about a number on a scale or a label. Love the last sentence.. so true! You are doing fantastic! Keep up the good work.


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