Taking a Moment

I am a fairly busy person….I work full-time, have two kids and a husband.  I tackle things like cleaning, laundry, groceries and homework-both mine and the kids’-on a regular basis.  We have a busy schedule, mostly manageable, but it is not often that we have a day where we don’t have something going on.

Not complaining here, just framing out the issue for you.  I am blessed to be able to do a job I love and be surrounded by family and friends who love me.  Here is the thing though…I sometimes forget to take a moment.

That moment when you just relax, when I am not mentally checking things off my “To Do” list or getting stuff done around the house, thinking about the next day’s chores or trying to organize childcare…or figuring out vehicles when one needs to go into the shop…just day to day stuff that can heap up.

At the risk of providing you with TMI…I have never been a very “regular” person when it comes to plumbing…my body schedule was way out of wack, and not even the eating program-where I eat a crazy number of fruit and veggies-seemed to be able to get me to a point where I was even once a day.  Then I started to realize that if I took the time to sit down…it would come.

I think that we do that a lot…we put off doing what we know we should because it takes up too much time or we think that taking some time for ourselves is somehow a bad investment…IT IS NOT!  In fact, not taking the time can lead to really unhealthy habits.  I want to encourage you to take the time to take your moment.  Invest some time in figuring out what you have been putting off and create a new habit or routine.




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