Mood Swings

When you embark on a journey like mine you set some goals, targets you want to hit.  This helps your sense of accomplishment and keeps you on the straight and narrow.  I like to set small goals as well as the ultimate goal so I can celebrate a little along the way.  I reward myself with a new book or a pedicure and then go onto the next goal.

Then there are those things that happen along the way that weren’t part of your goals, but are milestones none-the-less.  Such is the case with the moods in my household.  My husband and I have more energy so we aren’t so rushed or frustrated with the demands on our time.  My body has self-regulated the hormone levels so I am way less moody and better able to handle stress in my life.

One of the big differences was with our kids, they are not following the program, but as we focus on not having processed foods and sugar in our house we have noticed that both of them have changed.  Our son has more energy, he has always been a perky early riser but he is playing outside more and wanting to get up a do things.  My daughter has had significant mood swings since she was little, this was a bit of a concerns as she was approaching her tweens, but we have seen that improve too.  She is less likely to overreact and she has more control over her responses.

None of this was part of the picture that I had when I started this journey, but it has made a significant improvement in our family life and how we interact with each other.  I think that we forget sometimes how what we put into our body doesn’t just impact us physically, but mentally as well.  Not to say that everything is rainbows and unicorn poop in our house, but the changes were an unexpected blessing.




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