Mood Swings

When you embark on a journey like mine you set some goals, targets you want to hit.  This helps your sense of accomplishment and keeps you on the straight and narrow.  I like to set small goals as well as the ultimate goal so I can celebrate a little along the way.  I reward myself with a new book or a pedicure and then go onto the next goal.

Then there are those things that happen along the way that weren’t part of your goals, but are milestones none-the-less.  Such is the case with the moods in my household.  My husband and I have more energy so we aren’t so rushed or frustrated with the demands on our time.  My body has self-regulated the hormone levels so I am way less moody and better able to handle stress in my life.

One of the big differences was with our kids, they are not following the program, but as we focus on not having processed foods and sugar in our house we have noticed that both of them have changed.  Our son has more energy, he has always been a perky early riser but he is playing outside more and wanting to get up a do things.  My daughter has had significant mood swings since she was little, this was a bit of a concerns as she was approaching her tweens, but we have seen that improve too.  She is less likely to overreact and she has more control over her responses.

None of this was part of the picture that I had when I started this journey, but it has made a significant improvement in our family life and how we interact with each other.  I think that we forget sometimes how what we put into our body doesn’t just impact us physically, but mentally as well.  Not to say that everything is rainbows and unicorn poop in our house, but the changes were an unexpected blessing.




Battle of Attrition

I have passed the honeymoon stage with my journey…you know what I am talking about.  Where you are juggling all the balls and things are going well.  The weight is coming off and you are feeling great, people start to notice that something about you is changing and give you lots of encouraging comments…yeah, that part is over.

I am in the trenches now…I am a little bored with the routine of my food and life has decided to throw some curve balls that have demanded that I deal with them… and not by stuffing a super-sized burger and fries in my face.  I see this as a Battle of Attrition and I will not break.  For those of you who are wondering…what!?!?!?  A Battle of Attrition is a battle where the sole purpose is to break the will of the enemy.  There are lots of examples from history…but I think you get the idea.

The hardest part about this journey has been the changing of my habits…what I do on a daily basis, how I respond to crisis and tweaking my daily routine to have it all work together seamlessly.  Some days I coast and it is all good, some days I feel like I am battling my demons on an hourly basis…and my sword arm is getting a little tired.

Let me be clear, I am not battling my body…we are on good terms…I am battling those deeply ingrained responses that created my unhealthiness to begin with.  Stuffing my emotions, eating my feelings, giving into my urges to hide from conflict, allowing others to determine my self-worth, trying to please everyone and ending up not making any happy..including myself.  Those are the things that I overcome…the eating was just a symptom.

I so miss when I don’t get a chance to blog…I know that my audience is small, but you have been very gracious in your encouragement.  It just makes me more determined to dig in and continue the fight.




This past week I was able to watch my daughter at her Track and Field day.  I loved that day as a kid because it was a break from the routine of school…but I really sucked at the sports aspect.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as leading up to this year they have had mini days…mostly for practice, but she was with the big kids now.  A couple of things happened, I realized that my daughter is talented in so many more areas then I give her credit for and I learned a couple things about determination and encouragement.

I love my kid’s school, the staff are amazing and it has a really great school culture. This was on prominent display last Friday. As I am watching the events all the students are cheering each other on, celebrating successes and supporting those who were are a little less gifted in the area of sport. I got a little weepy as they just kept cheering, and it wasn’t just one class…this happened everywhere!  Don’t tell the kids that there was learning going on…but you could see the empathy, sportsmanship and encouragement flowing out of these kids and those are things that are incredibly hard to teach.

I have to a admit to being nervous for my daughter as it was her turn at high jump…especially when she knocked the bar down during the first go around.  This was one event that she really wanted me there for, but I kinda figured she had inherited my athletic prowess…which is minimal on a good day. She just shook it off and managed to tie for first in her class…she was determined to carry on, even after that first attempt didn’t go her way.  I was so proud of her and her resiliency or as we call it in my house …stick-to-itness

Here is my take away… and it is even more true in life then it was in that gym on Friday. No matter the circumstance, like trying to be healthy or completing you education or mending relationships…always encourage others to strive for their best.  The second thing I was reminded of was even if your first attempt doesn’t go your way, get back up and go again…you never know the heights you will reach until you try.



The Hits Keep On Coming…

I am sure that you have all had a season in your life where you feel that you just keep getting knocked around.  Nothing huge happens, but things just aren’t going your way.  Kind of the way that things have been at our house the last few weeks and why I have been absent from my blog.  Nothing earth-shattering or horrible, just those things that cause irritation and inconvenience and maybe make it a touch harder to shut your brain off at night.  I did get some awesome news about a promotion at work, which while great, also made it difficult to shut down at night.

Normally in my previous narrative this is where I would completely fall off the wagon in terms of eating right…we would order pizza because it was easier-don’t forget the wings and cheesy bread  and maybe a second pizza for left overs or “hey potatoes are veggies so chips and dip it is!” That didn’t happen, thank goodness, but I did encounter that thing that all people trying to lose weight hate…THE PLATEAU.

The scale was staying stubbornly the same and even my inches where not falling off at their usual pace.  This happened for about 3 weeks and it was discouraging.  I think that stress may have played a factor and since I have the almost super-human ability to obsess over how everything is going to work out…you could say I was feeling a little overwhelmed.  I wanted to hide and be a slug for a while…but my life continued on and that was just not an option.

This past Monday I woke up and decided that the narrative needed to change.  The weather was sunny (after what seemed like a month of rain) and we are truly blessed to have everything we need.  My husband and I work well together to figure out schedules and how we can make things work, so I wasn’t in this alone.  I got moving a little more intentionally and made sure I was following the eating program to a “T”…and what do you know, my plateau broke…I am down another 2 pounds.

Sometimes I think we need that plateau so our body can reset to the changes that we are making, or maybe it is a little sign to make some adjustments to what we are doing. Things are always going to get in your way…like the pesky “check engine” light that came on in the car this morning…but we are more than what happens to us in a day, it is really about how we respond to life that defines us.